‘NO B/S!’ Celebrating Black UK & Diaspora Talent With New Film Season


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As part of BFI Comedy Genius – the UK’s greatest ever celebration of film and TV comedy – we present NO/BS! from December 2018- January 2019

We are pleased to announce our 2018 British Film Institute Comedy Genius programme. The curated season, titled NO B/S! is happening across Bristol from December 2018 to January 2019 and will no doubt spark intergenerational conversation. The season comprises three strands covering Black Satire, Black British TV Comedy Legends (past to present) and Buddy Movies. The TV legends strand taking place on December 8th 2018 at The Station is an evening session examining the evolution of Black British Television Comedy from Desmond’s to Chewing Gum (Channel 4). This special strand will be contextualised by special guests John Simmit, Eddie Nestor and Leo Muhammad in “The Real McCoy Re-Loaded” event. This immersive format will combine the best elements of Black comedy stand-up with Black tv/film (a rare event in Bristol). The satire strand considers how Black comics explore and explode tropes of Blackness and how performers navigate the negative tropes demanded by a white film industry. The Buddy Movies strand considers how this popular vehicle has introduced Black performers to the mainstream audience. The significance of this film season is embodied by Come the Revolution’s founding member Dr. Edson Burton,

“to survive the absurdity of racism, poverty and conflicted community loyalties you have to laugh – no wonder the Black comedian is entertainment royalty. We are beset on all sides by societal demands, comedy is where we can be real and laugh. I can chart my life’s journey through laughter via shows like the Desmonds, the Real McCoy, and stars such as Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, and Micheala Coel. I just want to share that journey with Bristol.”

The film season charts all manner of perspectives from risk-takers to more traditional modes of humour also featured,

“I’m looking forward to showcasing two of my favourite comedic areas; the buddy movie and Black UK TV talent. This spans from the Godfather of Black comedy Richard Pryor, putting down the foundations of super-stardom for Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence to the cultural impact of the Real McCoy collective. Belly laughs, mirth and joy are guaranteed from our FunFest as we bring you all the sides and shades of black comedy!” says Come the Revolution founding member Roger Griffith.


  • Fri, Dec 7th, 18:00, Watershed Cinema – SORRY TO BOTHER YOU   –  Tickets
  • Sat, Dec 8th, 18:30, The Station – CELEBRATING BLACK UK COMEDY ft THE REAL MCCOY RELOADED   –  Tickets
  • Tue, Dec 11th, 19:00, Colston Hall – SHOOT THE MESSENGER  –  Tickets
  • Sun, Dec 16th, 14:00, Watershed Cinema – HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE  –  Tickets
  • Sun, Dec 16th, 18:30, Colston Hall – BAMBOOZLED  –  Tickets
  • Fri, Jan 18th, 18:00, Arnolfini – STIR CRAZY (tickets coming soon)
  • Fri, Jan 18th, 20:00, Arnolfini – BAD BOYS (tickets coming soon)
  • Sat, Jan 19th, 17:00, Arnolfini – GIRLS’ TRIP (tickets coming soon)
  • Sat, Jan 19th, 19:00, Arnolfini – JUMPIN JACK FLASH (tickets coming soon)
  • Sat, Jan 26th, 13:30, Malcolm X Centre – ANNIE (tickets coming soon)

About the BFI’s Comedy Genius

The BFI will stage the UK’s greatest ever celebration of film and TV comedy this winter; from boundary-pushing writers and performers who say the unsayable, to silent slapstick heroes of the past and disreputable and anarchic voices of the present, this season will celebrate the best-loved works of comic genius, with an array of talent taking part throughout the season.

About Come the Revolution

Come the Revolution is a Bristol based collective of curators, programmers and creatives committed to exploring and challenging black life, experience and cultural expression through cinema. This BFI Comedy Genius season is supported by the National Lottery through the British Film Institute with partners Watershed, Arnolfini, Colston Hall, The Station and Ujima Radio. The incredible artwork for the season was designed by Patwa Creative.

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Author: ctrevolution

We are a collective of curators/creatives from Bristol/Birmingham committed to exploring black life through cinema. #ComeTheRev

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